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Monday, June 1, 2009

Swiftsure Wrap-Up...

The crew of Icon had a great time at Swiftsure with eleven boats participating from the Anacortes Yacht Club. As expected there was adverse current in light winds at the start with a wild dash to make it through the Race before the door was slammed shut.

We were second to the Race in 2nd place immediately behind Glory. All the big sleds immediately headed over the the US side and short-tacked the beach up to the Cape. The further west we sailed the heavier the swell we experienced. Several boats retired during this leg due to the lumpy conditions.
We rounded the bank at around midnight in 3rd, but quickly regained 2nd place until we sailed into a fog bank and the wind died! While drifting around in the slop a number of smaller boats got around us. Eventually we headed back to the US side (carefully crossing the shipping lanes) and caught a little wind. We then followed the wind back to the Canadian side while looking for our competition.
When the first glimmers of sun started to show we saw Strum in the distance and worked hard to catch her. We eventually did and managed to pass her while short-gybing the beach against an ebb through the Race.
The run to the finish inside Ogden Point was predictably unpredictable with those boats going wide and reaching up to the finish gaining considerable ground. We managed to inch out Strum and finished 5th in our division and 11th overall.
The crew were upset as we should have been able to get 2nd had we not lost track of our competition during the night - however, being this was our 3rd big race with the boat we were pleased how we did.
Below is a picture of Ian absolutely nailing the start with Icon clear ahead of the entire fleet!