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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Round the County...

Icon's last race of the season was the annual Round the County event circumnavigating the San Juan Islands.

The race started in a driving squall with a blistering downwind run from Lydia Shoal to Pt. Lawrence. Both Icon and Braveheart (a turbo TP 52) opted for the starboard end of the line and took off at approximately 20 knots. The wind and rain died on the north side of Orcas in the long reach to Patos Island with BraveHeart slightly ahead. In the beat up Boundary Passage Icond caught Braveheart and managed to beat them to the line and take the gun in an epic tacking duel to Roche Harbor.

On the second day we had a very poor start and made a mistake by going outside. By the time we got back to the beach we were mid-pack and had to work our way through the fleet by short-tacking the beach. We ended up passing everyone (including the Car) and the fight was between Braveheart and us. They took the inside route over Salmon Bank and made some gains - we took the outside route with Flash. We were gaining on Braveheart at Davidson Rock when they set their kite and accelerated away barely under control. We opted for a blast reacher until Kellet Ledge when we set the A3. Our backstay immediately blew and we went into damage control.

Thanks to great driving by Scotter we were able to save the rig and hook up a temporary backstay. We then set the A5 and lumbered on to the finish behind Braveheart. We ended up finishing 4th in our division and 6th overall, plus our race record remained intact by 22 seconds!

A great finish to a wonderful season!