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Monday, March 29, 2010

Crew Practice

We had a great crew practice day for Southern Straits on Sunday, March 28 - the weather was blustery with winds from the SE 20-25 knots - exactly the kind of day we needed to get things sorted out before the race.

After leaving the marina we jib reached out to Huckleberry and then set the A3 and ran down towards Bellingham at speeds up to 16-17 knots in 3-5 foot chop.  In the downhill run we tried various crew positions and turn rates.  

In Bellingham Bay we switched to upwind mode and experimented with sail crossovers between the J3 & J4 and our reef positions.  Seems like we are better to go from the J3 to reefed main, then to the J4.  We are not sure after that since the winds were not that strong.

A little tricky putting the boat back in the slip - took two tries given the SE 25 knot winds - all things considered it was a great day on the water!