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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Icon Back in Anacortes...

We left Northwest Bay around 7:00am in the morning in light NW winds and calm seas (quite a difference from the day before). When we got out of the bay we raised the main and then the J3 and essentially reached all the way down the Strait to Anacortes.

Throughout the delivery home there were logs in the water EVERYWHERE and we were very glad that we stayed until daylight - tagging one of those at high speed would be bad news!

The wind died just north of Sinclair so we started up the iron sail and motored home, arriving around 4:00pm. Customs took about 45 minutes to clear (next time I think we will send the crew list in ahead), and then back to the barn for a much needed rest.

Two weeks until our next race, so we should have time to fix everything we broke and fight another day!