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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Upwind both Ways...

The results from our recent Swiftsure adventure are not in yet, but we do have some pictures and some interesting statistics!  Here are some that I would pass on:

  1. The winds at the start were 15-20 kt, quickly building to 25-30 kts.
  2. We experienced a maximum current of 5.1 knots passing through the Race after the start
  3. Our maximum recorded windspeed was 33.6 knots while passing through the Race
  4. On the way home near Sooke we drifted for 2 hrs and 45 minutes, covering 1.54 nm forward and then 2.75 nm backwards in the current
  5. It took us 71 tacks to make it through the Race on the way home, some of which only gained us 3-4 feet up the beach with each tack.

While on the way out to the bank we ran into Sean Trew who took this great picture while Derek was driving!  More details on the race to follow, along with some great video!