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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Still Stuck in 4th...

On June 5 we participated in the last of 3 events of the Seattle Yacht Club Tri-Island Series - the venerable race around Blake Island.  We had a great start and easily pulled away from the fleet using our A0.  We rounded West Point ahead of the entire fleet with Flash in tow.  Flash wanted desperately to get inside of us around West Point, but we wouldn't give them any room - in doing so we briefly touched bottom but managed to hold them off.

After West Point we ran our polars down the east side of Blake Island and managed to build a significant lead over the rest of the boats.  Despite our belief that the wind would die, it held and we made a nice rounding and were headed north of Blake Island when it shut off completely.  As we drifted there the rest of the fleet (led by Flash) caught up to us in a big parking lot.

Half the fleet decided to head north to Restoration Point while the rest decided to cross back over to the east side.  Eventually the wind built slightly and we were off - but with only 1/3 of the course left after the re-start we knew the results wouldn't be good.

In the end we were 1st home, but corrected back to 4th - finishing both the race and the series in 4th in a disappointing end.  Wile drifting around Blake Island a kayaker snapped the following picture of Icon - he said he had seen the boat many times, but had never managed to get close until now - good for him and bad for us!

Icon drifting near Blake Island