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Monday, June 13, 2011

A Long Night...

After dinner at the fish farm we had an interesting evening -- to say the least...

In a minor freak accident Joy fell and broke her arm -  being about 30 miles from anywhere this presented a BIG problem as you can imagine!  We were able to hitch a ride on a fishing trawler with Joy to Kelsey Bay (we had a paramedic from Flash, plus Ian & Jenny along), then an overnight drive to Comox.  Joy had broken her arm in three places and was admitted to hospital.

After leaving her in the care of Phil (our driver & chef) Ian drove back to Kelsey Bay (about 10 miles from the fish farm) and hopped a ride on Makita (a F25 trimaran) and under spinnaker headed for the morning start.  He arrived just before the start and hopped on Icon under sail.

Icon approaching Telegraph Cove
After two general recalls the race committee let us start anyway which turned out to be a long beat to windward to Telegraph Cove.  On the way we played tag with a tug & tow all the way up Johnson Strait.

There were several frustrating convergence zones which enabled us to lose our lead, but in the end we took a 5th position.

In case you haven't been to Telegraph Cove, it is a wonderful place to visit...