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Thursday, June 2, 2011

2011 Swiftsure Lightship Classic...

The news is just in -- Icon takes the following trophies in the 2011 Swiftsure Lightship Classic:

  • Royal Canadian Navy Trophy for being 1st to Swiftsure Bank (corrected) 
  • City of Victoria Trophy for being 1st home to Victoria (line honors) 
  • 1st place in Division One of the Lightship Classic 
The race started in light winds and adverse current, with most boats footing off for Albert Head to avoid the strong flood at Race Passage. Icon was the first to reach Race Passage followed by the rest of the big boat fleet. Most boats elected to work the Canadian shore, with Icon switching over to the US short near Sooke.

Icon worked up the US shore steadily putting time on the fleet, Most other boats stayed on the Canadian shore until punching out into the middle mid-strait. Icon rounded Swiftsure Bank around midnight in lumpy seas and moderate swells. Most other boats rounded 3-8 hours later early in the morning. Icon stayed in the middle of the Strait throughout the night.

The boats behind Icon ended up getting stuck until the winds built. Icon on the other hand, being so far ahead had extremely light winds until shortly before Race Passage when they built to a maximum of 18 knots. The winds continued to build for the later boats, hitting 35-40 knots late in the afternoon.

In the end Icon took line honors by about 3 hours over Strum, Rage and Neptunes Car (taking 1st in Division One & the City of Victoria trophy for first-to-finish in the process), but not enough to correct over Night Runner who finished first overall and first in Division Two!

A great (and long) couple of days on the water - now on to the Van Isle 360!

Icon entering Race Passage

Icon entering Race Passage

Icon's track in Red -- Night Runner in Orange