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Friday, June 3, 2011

On our Way to Naniamo...

After much consternation we managed to get the engine put back together after the flywheel & 24v alternator pulley detached themselves from the front of the engine block.  The initial sea trial seemed okay so we left Anacortes around 5:00pm for Naniamo - about an 8 hour trip unfortunately.

As a backup plan we bought a 3kw generator and lashed it on the transom -- using this we can charge our 24v batteries and operate the keel and other boat electronics (very important).  Hopefully it will not be needed, but until we have more confidence in our repairs this is the way things are.

Canadian customs in Naniamo is open 7x24 so it doesn't really matter what time we arrive, but it will most certainly be late.  The first leg of the VI360 starts tomorrow at 10:30am...

Stay tuned for more!