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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Round the Top...

Today we left Port Hardy for the wild blue yonder - the course for today is from Port Hardy, out Goletas Channel, over Nahwitti Bar (a seriously bad piece of water), around Cape Scott, and then down the west side to Winter Harbor.

We had a reasonably good start and led the fleet out to the channel -- we ended up battling with Flash in light to moderate winds until after the bar when we managed to leg out using our Code Zero and other specialized tools of the trade!

The Cape Scott rounding was uneventful, but we were glad to see the Canadian Coast Guard Heavy Weather Cutter the Gordon Reid tucked in the lee of the cape to keep a watchful eye on the fleet. The winds were relatively light all the way to Winter Harbor where we took 2nd on corrected time, narrowing our gap with Flash.

At Winter Harbor we moored at a private dock (the Outpost) and had two suites to ourselves. On our lay day we went to Grants Beach and experienced some tropical sunshine and sand!

Grant's Beach at Winter Harbor