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Monday, June 6, 2011

Hanging Out in Campbell River...

We left Comox harbor about 7:30am this morning - crossing the Comox bar to the start area for Leg #3 -- Comox to Campbell River -- a short 30 mile beat!

The Race Committee set a much longer start line today making things a little easier than yesterday's cluster.  Before the start we sailed out onto the course for a couple of miles to check wind conditions and directions.  This helped us later in the race as we knew what to expect.

The start was very exciting (video to follow) -- we started on starboard narrowly avoiding a few collisions, then once we got rolling we port-tacked the fleet with only a few feet to spare and rumbled out into the strait.  Flash elected to head way out while we short-tacked the beach with most of the other boats.

About 10 miles from the finish we stepped into a nice lift and much stronger positive current, increasing out speed over ground (SOG) to nearly 14 knots.  The interesting things about this leg is that this is where the flood currents meet around Vancouver Island.  This means that the floods run south and ebbs north, exactly opposite of that near Victoria.  The currents in Seymour Narrows really rip.

We haven't got the final results for today yet (game #3 of the hockey game is on), but Flash beat us by about 2 minutes corrected and it was really close with Anam Cara (J-122).  We will see, but we likely got 3rd or 4th!

Tomorrow we will be taking a few guests from the BC Salmon Farmers Association as we race to a fish farm on Hardwicke Island where we stay overnight, and then continue our journey to Telegraph Cove.

Life is good -- the wind is blowing and the sun is out!