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Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Nice Day on the Water...

After a long night of reaching under the Code Zero we finally broke out into some sunshine and what looks to be more trade wind activity. We sacrificed a couple of overall positions in the race (moving back from 4th overall to 6th overall) to better position ourselves on the course for the coming wind shifts. In doing so we peeled to the A3 spinnaker and are making 12knots of boatspeed in 14knots of wind.

Today we experienced our first trade wind squall with the associated rain, wind and wind shifts. Fortunately we are fast enough that we can pick our lane and stay in front of them if we want to.

Eric has been doing a lot of driving and grinding - the crew has given him a new nickname that probably will stick - Baby Face, so when you see him ask about it!

It looks like we will be in the same pattern as we are now for a couple of days, so follow along with our tracker! Got to go -- we have fresh pizza coming out of the oven for dinner!