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Saturday, July 28, 2012

First to Finish...

After with what seemed like a very long last few miles with some intense squall activity we had the bow down for Kaneohe with our A4 max runner up -- this is a very tough kite which was important as the day before we blew up our much loved A2C as it loaded up at the bottom of a wave.  This was a big loss as this was a great kite and really lifted the bow up at over 25 knots.   The crew were frustrated with the A4 which really needed 25+ knots of wind to get going -- however we eventually figured out the sail trim and were quickly rumbling along.

Making a night finish to an ocean race to an unfamiliar harbor isn't easy -- we called for all hands on deck as we worked our way through the squalls, making the required radio check-ins at 100nm, 25nm, and so on.  We probably made more jibes in the last 10 miles than the entire trip, but in the end crossed the finish line around 4:00am Friday morning.

We were then met by a chase boat who escorted us through the main ship channel into Kaneohe harbor (somewhat complicated) and then to the dock where we stern tied.  At the dock we were met by a welcoming party and the press who were celebrating with us our arrival.