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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Icon Radio Schedule

If you are an amateur radio operator, we're setting up a daily QSO schedule if you'd like to contact us while we're at sea. The station to contact is NA7CW/MM (Christian Welch).

Here are the times:
For those of you on the east coast, I'm setting up a 20m QSO time at 6:00 PDT on 14.305 mHz. If the frequency is in use, please contact the Maritime Mobile Service Net on 14.300 to arrange contact. For those on the west coast, I am setting up a 9:00 PM PDT contact on 14.305 mhz. If no contact possible, check with the PacSea net on 14.300. At 9:10 PM PDT, if no contact is possible on 20m, move to 40m on 7.223 mhz LSB. If no contact is possible there, at 9:20 PM PDT, we will try 80m at 3.955 mhz LSB. Also, for anyone who is interested in listening, the PacCup roll call is on marine SSB frequency 4.146 mhz USB at 10:00 AM PDT. Any changes to this QSO schedule will be posted to the blog on www.iconsailing.com. Feel free to track us and follow our progress. The plan is to post daily blog updates to let you know how we're doing... Feel free to get on the air and give us a call. We'd love to have a QSO! 73!

Christian Welch, NA7CW
S/V Icon Radio Operator