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Monday, July 9, 2012

On The Water Update

Just a brief update from Icon as we near the half way point on our delivery to San Francisco. Our current position is:

44 24.97n
125 50.20w
TWD = 339 degrees
TWS = 15.7

After leaving Anacortes at 9:00pm we motored to Davidson Rock and then raised the mainsail, motorsailing to Race Passage where the wind built to nearly 30 knots in unseasonably flat seas.

After Race Passage we worked our way up the Canadian side and then crossed over to the US side midway between Clallum Bay & Neah Bay. After rounding Tatoosh we jib reached out to our first offshore waypoint (Blue 1) and then set the A5 for the 450nm run down to our next waypoint off Cape Mendecino (Blue 2).

Last evening we had some great sailing in 20-25 knots of wind & the A5 -- we were averaging 15-18 knots for long periods of time, with Joy setting the speed record for the day at 20 knots.

During the night we took the A5 down and ran with just the J3 - nice, comfortable and safe. Christian drove for nearly 3 hours and did great - no wipeouts! Shortly after daybreak we put the A5 up again with everyone taking turns driving.

This morning we started to get lifted and ended up about 85nm offshore (west of Newport OR), where we jibed back into the coast. Our expected ETA in Alameda is early Wednesday morning, with the winds & sea state expected to build near Cape Mendecino. Our plan is to stay very wide of the capes and avoid the lumpy conditions predicted and higher winds.

Thus far we haven't broken anything -- we have however learned of a few things we need to fix: more AA lithium batteries for the SPOT (which likely will stop working soon), the manual salt water pump needs replacing, and our starboard side light stopped working. We should be able to easily fix these items in San Francisco.

All is well...