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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wash Day On Icon...

After a long night on the water in varying sea's and winds we now have a nice tropical day with winds in the 15knot range from 35 degrees Magnetic. We didn't have a very good run last night as we constantly hit the limits of the NE winds which the earlier starts had been battling all week.

As a result we are probably last in our division although on an overall basis still well ahead of the earlier starters -- such is life when you have a fast boat. While we were struggling with light winds the slower boats in our division were fully lit up!

Today we decided to do some clean up around the boat -- brick up some of our headsails which we likely won't need again, clean up the inside, and take showers with some of our excess water. Here is a picture of Eric taking a much needed shower at the back of the bus...

You might ask why he isn't using the onboard shower, well it is stuffed full of foul weather gear and storm sails -- so off the back of the bus is where you get to clean up. Hopefully today we will get our groove back -- stay tuned..

31 57.4067n
136 13.5292w