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Friday, August 10, 2012

400nm from Cape Flattery

Icon is now about 400nm due west of Cape Flattery making about 14 knots under sail in 16-20knots of wind from the south.  They covered 163nm in the last twelve hours and are on-track for a 325+nm day.  They expect the frontal passage to pass tonight followed by a diminished westerly clocking to a northwesterly tomorrow.

They are eating well with lots of fresh caught fish plus veggies from the refer for Bryn and Karl.  It is now looking like they will arrive late Sunday night or early Monday morning...

We had a long talk on SSB with them tonight - they haven't seen much tsunami debris on the way home, just 5-6 ships within AIS distance.  They said there was much more debris just south of the Pacific High during Pacific Cup.  Karl was wanting a ticker-tape parade with him as the star attraction when they get back, so we will see what we can arrange...

Stay tuned!

Christian (NA7CW) on the SSB with Icon in his Ham Shack