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Thursday, March 14, 2013

IRC - It's Time...

It light of the on-going PHRF-NW ratings controversy we as a race team have reluctantly decided that it is time to move to a different rating system -- IRC.

IRC is a single number time-on-time system with similar measurement requirements to PHRF. It is professionally maintained and is the largest and most successful measurement-based rating system in the world. Most racing fleets world-wide use this rating system and until now the Northwest is the only region in the US not using it.

We will be working in conjunction with the big boat fleet to make a move to IRC and will be doing everything we can to promote it and grow a fleet.  Yesterday we invited Gary Morgan over and we measured up Icon in order to get an endorsed certificate -- the entire process was painless and didn't take very long.  Here are some pictures from this event:

Load cells at each corner of the cradle

Travel lift over boat